Scholarships & Financial Aid Offered by University of Guelph

Undergraduate Students

The university offers associate diploma and degree programs, diplomas of vocational studies, as well as minors:: Undergraduate students can choose from a number of degree programs such as Science in Agriculture, Landscape Architecture, Engineering, Computing, and Applied Science. Students enrolled in the Landscape Architecture program learn how to design outdoor spaces. Graduates work as remediation consultants, community design facilitators, landscape architects, etc. Students who choose the Bachelor of Applied Science program develop a deeper understanding of human behavior and development. Students are offered courses with a focus on family and couple relationships, society and genetics, nutrition, and health and wellbeing. The main focus of the Science in Agriculture program is the sustainable use of resources and land. There are three majors to choose from – Crop, Horticulture, and Turfgrass Sciences, Animal Science, and Honours Agriculture. The Environmental Sciences program has environmental protection as its main focus. Students are offered a wide selection of courses such as general chemistry, introduction to environmental sciences, and discovering biodiversity. Finally, the Bachelor of Commerce program explores topics across fields such as accounting, human resources, economics, and marketing. The curriculum features courses with a focus on financial accounting, macroeconomics and microeconomics, and business mathematics.

Graduate Programs

Graduate students are offered Master of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Fine Arts, Graduate Diploma, and PhD degrees. They can choose from a number of graduate programs such as Leadership Studies, International Development Studies, Integrative Biology, Political Science, and many others. Students enrolled in the Public Health program, for example, build knowledge and understanding of environmental public health, public health policy, infectious diseases, and waterborne and foodborne diseases. There are plenty of career options for graduates in areas such as infection control, health promotion, public health policy, and program evaluation. The Master of Arts in Political Science program covers topics across disciplines such as law and politics, international relations, race and gender, and citizenship, justice, rights, and identity. A number of career opportunities are available, for example, NGO coordinator, strategic consultant, policy analyst, and others. Students enrolled in the Sociology program pursue studies in fields such as sociological criminology, criminal justice, and work, gender, and change. There are a number of research fields to choose from, including identities and social inclusion, crime and social control, and work and organization. Courses cover topics across disciplines, including gender studies, political economy, and cultural sociology. Employment opportunities are available in areas such as business communications, community affairs, corrections, and teaching.

Scholarships & Financial Aid Offered by University of Guelph

Financial Assistance for Undergraduate Students

Assistance is offered in the form of travel grants, scholarships, work study programs, bursaries, student research awards, and research assistantships. Scholarships are based on academic merit, volunteering, leadership ability, and extracurricular activities. Both in-course and entrance scholarships are available. Students are welcome to apply for a host of scholarships and awards such as the Alumni House Call Centre Scholarship, A.M. Bell Prize, Charles M. Baker Memorial Prize, and many others. Some awards are offered to non-Canadian and Canadian students, and no application is required. Others are available to Canadians only. For other scholarships and prizes, applicants are asked to submit a letter resume. Students applying for awards such as the CBS Student Council Academic Achievement Scholarship are asked to submit a curriculum vitae, letter, and department or college application form. In some cases, applicants are required to submit a reference letter as well. Finally, there are field of study awards such as the Ottawa Valley Agri Business Association Scholarship which is available to students enrolled in Animal Biology, Food and Agricultural Business, and Agriculture programs. The award is based on academic merit and interest in agricultural economics, soil science, crop production, animal science, etc.


Bursaries are also offered to applicants who demonstrate financial need:: Students who apply for bursaries are usually asked to submit an in-course financial need assessment form. Financial assistance is available to Canadian citizens only. Travel grants are offered to undergraduate students to cover the cost of travel and expenses when attending conferences, enrolling in exchange programs, signing for field courses, etc. Undergrad students also benefit from work study programs that offer the opportunity to apply for on-campus jobs. Students who demonstrate financial need qualify. A number of job openings are available to undergrad students, including on-campus and experiential opportunities. Undergraduate assistantships are offered as well to students who demonstrate financial need, have a minimum cumulative average of 70 percent, and are permanent residents or Canadian citizens. Other forms of financial assistance include U.S. and provincial student loans::, the Ontario Student Assistance Program, and research awards. Research awards, for example, are intended for students who seek to develop research skills and to gain experience. There are certain criteria to meet, and one is to have a cumulative average of 70 percent or higher. Students also benefit from financial assistance in the form of provincial student loans, and the terms vary based on their province of residence. U.S. citizens are eligible to apply for Direct Plus and William D. Ford Federal Direct Loans. Finally, funding is offered under the Ontario Student Assistance Program to cover living expenses, supplies, textbooks, and tuition expenses. Students apply for interest-free loans which are jointly funded by the Canadian government and the Province of Ontario.

Graduate Students and Forms of Assistance

Graduate students at the University of Guelph are offered assistance in the form of awards, scholarships, credit:: and employment opportunities. A number of awards are available, including external travel and conference, completion and postdoctoral, internal, government funded, and external awards. Employment opportunities are available in the form of graduate service assistantships, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships.

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